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  • Location: Rottnest Island, Western Australia
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Skydive over WA's favourite holiday island, Rottnest and land right on the beach for an unforgettable experience.

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  • $100.00 value toward any Geronimo Rottnest product or service (jumps start from $329.00, an upgrade payment will be required.)
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Don't just jump... Create a life long memory!

Tandem Skydiving with Geronimo Rottnest. Have you ever tried it? Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane? Harness tight, sitting in the door with your Instructor the deafening sound of wind in your ears? Have you experienced the incredible rush of free fall? Whether you are an adrenalin junkie or someone who has always wanted to ‘give it a go,’ the Skydive Geronimo team invites you to join us on an experience of a lifetime! 

Your experience begins with a warm welcome at our facilities at the Rottnest Island Airport, followed by a briefing with your qualified and friendly Skydive Instructor. After a quick goodbye to family and friends, you will board the Geronimo aircraft and fly to jump altitude. The 10 – 15 minute flight features views of stunning WA coastline, the island itself and Perth city beyond.

Together with your Instructor, you will free fall at 200kms/hr! Your Instructor will deploy your parachute at 5,000ft and you then enjoy a spectacular 5 minute parachute ride, before landing on the beach alongside family and friends. Then it’s time to celebrate! Customers enjoy a free celebratory drink the Hotel Rottnest, while overlooking the ocean - skydiving is thirsty work! 

Video and Photos to capture your experience. 

This is going to be something you want to remember forever, so we offer professionally edited, high definition (TV quality) cinematography unlike any other! 

Your video and photos package will capture the nervous moments as your board the plane, your beautiful flight to altitude, your thrilling free fall, your breathtaking flight under your parachute and your safe landing. 

Add your photos and / or video package when you make your booking, or on the day of the skydive. Prices start from an additional $129.00 per person. 

Don't just jump... Jump with the best! 

Skydive Geronimo have the most fun and our team love being at the Drop Zone as much as you do! We know that this will be an unforgettable experience, so our crew are dedicated to making it as enjoyable possible. You will jump with Western Australia's most experienced team with over 40 years of skydive and aviation experience. We have a 100% safety record. 

Skydive Geronimo guarantee your altitude. Unlike our competitors who offer an 'up to' price, you always know how high you will be skydiving from with the Skydive Geronimo Team. If we are unable to reach your desired altitude (say in the case of an unforeseen change in weather conditions,) we will always refund the difference between your chosen altitude and the actual altitude reached. 

Skydive Geronimo has no hidden fees. Unlike our competitors, all compulsory fees are included in our prices. So there are no hidden surprises on jump day. 

Don't just jump... Make a day of it!


Rottnest is located an easy ferry ride from Fremantle, Perth City or Hillary’s Boat Harbour, and is Western Australia’s favourite holiday island. The island features a casual atmosphere, picturesque scenery and some of the world's finest beaches and bays.

Check out more info about things to do on Rottnest Island via this link: www.